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clients talking

"Brandon is painstaking in getting to know what the client is trying to achieve and works in partnership to get the best finished product possible. Nothing is too much effort and he always goes the extra mile to achieve customer satisfaction. We would certainly recommend Brandon's services to anyone who is looking for an expert in web design."

- Nick Toombs / Nick Toombs Consultancy

"It's been wonderful and stressless getting a personal service from a really nice, clever and creative bloke when I'm used to dealing with call centres. There are no bounds to what Brandon can help with - from site design to optimising your web presence."

- Tracy Foster / Illustrator

"It has been a pleasure to work with Brandon on my site. I have found him very easy to work with and he has been very responsive to my particular needs. I believe the most important thing to have is someone who can translate an idea into reality and is open to discussion. Brandon has improved my site and will no doubt go on doing so."

- Ali Mackay / Furniture Farm

"Working with Brandon is a pleasure. He's solutions-driven, open to ideas and focused on delivering what the client wants. And he has pretty good taste in music."

- Mark Cusick / Northburgh Business Communications

"We thought a designer would be beyond us and the thought of putting a website together myself was quite overwhelming. It's turned out to be a real pleasure to work with you and we very much appreciate your ideas and enthusiasm and your hard work in giving us a website we are proud to tell people about. Many thanks, Brandon."

- Pippa / The Palm Trio

"Our website needed a completely new face and needed to be done within a specific deadline. Brandon created a nicely organised and attractive site that surpassed any expectations! At first I was a bit concerned working with Brandon since we are located in another country than him, but this had no effect on the process whatsoever. He is very efficient, works fast, all the while providing quality service."

- Melissa Bencic / Bravo Academy

"My old website was just that, old and tired. My new website is vital and attractive. Even my kids like it and teenagers are VERY choosy and web savvy."

- Dr Francis Treuherz / Homeopath

"Thank you so much for creating what I can only say is a terrific piece of work. From my last experience of working with a web designer I was put off for life. You have restored my faith in creativity. Having been recommended to you and meeting you, you took on board everthing we discussed and really understood my objectives. You set a target to complete the work and I can only say you stood by your word. Thank you so much and I would not hesitate to recommend you .

- Adam Millet / China Mainland Ltd

"Working with Brandon means a far more personalised and interesting service than you might get elsewhere. His design work is perfectly balanced between simple and creative, elegant and understated. Throughout the process Brandon was regularly in touch, deadlines were met and communication was concise. He has also done other design work for us, including flyers, posters and html newsletters.

He now maintains and hosts our site, and edits and updates are always done accurately and within days. To have found him just as we were beginning a big promotional camapign was an absolute godsend."

- Jen Goss / The Coach & Horses

"I contacted Brandon as I needed to redesign our website to introduce our new products. Brandon spend a considerable amount of time listening and understanding my needs, my business and my products. He helped me organize the information that I wanted to convey into a simple, easy to navigate website. I have already received numerous compliments on how simple yet informative our website is. The best part is - he did it all within the time frame that I required! I have also retained Brandon to do all our ongoing maintenance because have to update the information on our website periodically.

I have never worked with anyone as reliable as he is. Brandon is a true professional!"

- Malinee Woeste / Kenzai Tea

"I could recognise ourselves in the website straight away. It is an accurate representation of who we are as a restaurant. Brandon succeeded in giving us exactly what we asked of him."

- Chef Morgan Meunier / Morgan M Restaurant

"Brandon has this rare ability to combine technical web building skills with a feeling for design and I would recommend him for your web design without any reservation."

- Philip H. ter Woort / Le Pin De Sace

"From the start Brandon was extremely helpful and creative with his ideas. With his knowledge and experience, Brandon made me feel confident with his approach, collaborating and developing idea’s to create a fantastic website.

He made what seemed like a difficult and daunting process into an exciting venture and reflection of my work."

- Stephan Gregoire / photographer

"When designing my site, Brandon immediately understood what I was looking for and then set about delivering me a first class product. He is an excellent listener.

He made me feel completely confident in his ability to deliver exactly what I wanted. A pleasure to work with."

- Martin Jones

"We found Brandon through a another company's website that he had designed and after talking with him it was clear that he was an organized, insightful, and resourceful designer. He helped us develop a concise and personalized website to replace our current website.

Further, the whole process worked out despite the fact that we are in fact based in another country and did all communicating through the telephone and email. We really enjoyed working with him. Thank you!"

- Marlan Ky / Designer Workroom

"After having had a website presence for years I felt my site needed a revamp. Brandon cut to the chase very quickly and completely redesigned my site, making it not only a much more user-friendly experience, but a whole lot funkier too. The whole thing feels more relevant to my work.

I was amazed and pleased that he got verything done to my tight deadline. Definitely recommended."

- Geoff Wilkinson / US3

"I was in need of a much better web presence than my own efforts. I needed something impressive without looking corporate or gimmicky.

Enter Brandon. Brandon asked me questions about my website and made me think about what I wanted. He visited me in person to get to know me more and listened to my ideas and vision so that he could create a site that put across my personality (rather than his own). I felt hugely involved in the process, with my own ideas respected and improved upon.

His creative redesign has resulted in a website that’s unusual and fun to navigate, whilst also simple and personal."

- Keith Harbottle / Big Life Desire

"Brandon, was always accessible, willing to listen to our needs, full of constructive ideas, interested in our success and, above all, worked quickly. I was very excited when I opened the newly redesigned website this morning and I quickly emailed all my professional colleagues to let them know. I, too, was very pleased with our collaborative work and the outcome and look forward to our future working together. Thanks Brandon."

- Dr. Patricia Maitland / RPD Research Ltd

"From the start to finish Brandon was a God send. Through numerous discussions he figured out the essence of what I wanted and came up with some amazing design concepts.

On top of creating a new design for the site, he took the photos, edited the copy and helped me to figure out what the site should be about. He took all the stress out of creating the content - at all stages in the process I felt he knew exactly what he was doing and that his overall vision was greater and more comprehensive than my own.

I have experienced a considerable increase of business as a result of his redesign."

- Joe Crabtree

"Brandon created a website for my filmwriting services which totally redefined what I was about professionally. He designed an aesthetially pleasing and appropriate site for my work and also refined what it was I was trying to sell. He gave me/my business a fresh start! I thoroughly enjoyed working with him on this and look forward to further collaborations."

- Hugo Fay

"We are a group of 20 professionnals and my task was to coordinate views and comments on how to update our website. It would have been a very difficult task if Brandon, our new webmaster, had not been so understanding and always willing to chop and change what had been agreed the day before. In spite of it all, he came up with a redesign of which we are all very proud and it seems that our clients like it too. Practically all our new enquiries come via the website.

What a relief to have a website of which we can be proud. Thank you, Brandon."

- Bernadette Boyle / CIG Interpreters Group

"I already had a website which was dull and flat. I contacted webmaster BK to have a look and come up with some ideas. To my amazement he called me and discussed what I wanted to achieve, what my business meant to me and what I wanted the website to do. He did this in a constructive and imaginative way without making me feel useless about such things.

My website now looks brilliant. It feels alive and vibrant and reflects how I run my business and gives me a vastly improved profile."

- Peter Rason / Mixed Doubles

"Just a few words to say thank you very much for all your hard work on re-doing our website and setting up Google Adwords (search engine advertising) for us. We have had a so may calls since the redesign the search engine advertising.

We are very pleased with the outcome and have recommended you to our friends, family and professional collegues."

- Steve Scott / Tiled Perfection

"Making a website with Brandon was a pleasure. By taking and redeveloping our logo into the theme for the site, he has given the production team a strong identity that enhances our web presence.

Thanks to Webmaster BK, we now have a professional platform that provides us with a place to showcase our talents and sets us apart from our competitors."

- Scott Chesworth / Swag Productions

"Brandon has exceeded our expectations with the redesign of our site. We have had positive feedback on our site’s ease of use, clarity of perception and detailed flow of what our business portays.

As a direct result in having our website redesigned, we have experienced an increase in business and know that the website will serve us well into the future."

- Alan Kotzer / Marvel Signs

"Working with Brandon was a joy! In what can potentially be a big project without an "end in sight", Brandon professionally managed the project with a quick turn around rewarding us with a high quality, creative website which reflects the spirit of our business. Amazing finished product, especially given the project was managed from two countries! I highly recommend his services!"

- Sally Cox / Excel Trade Ltd

"I was in need of a redesign of my own self designed website. Brandon met me and we discussed what I wanted and he proposed the best way to achieve my goals. I was impressed with his attitude and the ideas that he brought to the table, so much so that I was happy to just let him get on with it.

The finished design was impressive, individual, easy to navigate and gave a very professional image. Also the logo he created for me looks great. Great work from a great guy, I can't recommend him highly enough."

- Ian Hollis / Booland Studios

" It couldn't have been a easy task for Brandon to design a website for me, because of myself being a designer. It was a happy surprise and he was very open and welcoming towards me and for myself to be part for the whole project. I'm very impressed with his skills as a web designer, there was a lot more ways to display my work then I could ever had imagined.

He did a very good job understanding my design practice needs and designing the website in keeping with my own style. I was very lucky to meet Brandon and I can truly recommend him to anyone who wishes to have a their website done."

- Camilla Meijer

"If you are looking for a designer who will make your website feel inviting and professional with the perfect setting regardless of your clientele and market, look no further, he is the best!"

- Geraldine Miskin

"Working with Brandon was a pleasure and watching my website being built was very exciting. He listened to what I wanted from my site and advised me using his professional knowledge and experience. I would recommend Brandon to any one individual through to large corporate company thinking of having a website built or re-designed. He is a fast, efficient and talented web designer. You won't be disappointed."

- Nadeem Chughtai

"Brandon was great in helping us create 2 websites that appear in our feature film. He also helped out on the set as a still photographer and a videographer for the behind the scenes dvd/video.

The website that he then created for the finished film works well with the style and mood of the film. A great success."

- Ray Yeung / Rice is Nice Productions

"Brandon captured the essence of my business and produce it on the web. He takes a chameleon-like approach to his designing: first gaining an understanding of the client’s business, then reflecting it in his websites."

- Elaine Clarke / Parkside Beauty

"Both websites Brandon designed for our businesses have a clear layout, good design, nice but unobtrusive features, and on
top of all that, he was great to work with. We would easily work with him again (three times so far). Also, the sites were completed in good time and are good value for the money invested."

- James Collie / November Films Ltd

"From our initial meeting to seeing my website launched, Brandon's dedication, honest approach and artistic flair showed through, giving me a powerful and professional tool to use to promote my company to prospective clients. From taking all the pictures required (300+ products!), to incorporating my ideas into the finished article, Brandon kept well within the time frame required, giving me the presence on the web that my company needed."

- Philip Sterman / PS Foods

"In a word - brilliant! Thank you for representing my work in such a tasteful and appropriate manner."

- Margaret Barron

"I felt daunted by the whole process of designing and developing a website. I was disillusioned looking at large web design companies who I felt would slot my work into a generic website template. I was looking for something a bit more bespoke.

I realised that there was a consistency of fresh ideas running through Brandon's work. He made the whole process of developing and designing my website seem easy. His personal approach was second to none.

It’s a big step to trust someone enough to take your business and represent it on the internet. I can’t think of anyone I would rather recommend than Brandon for this task."

- Paul Cross

"I came to Brandon with a desire to take my extensive resource list of paintings and put them on the internet. I am not completely computer literate, but Brandon helped explain everything clearly throughout the process. I supplied him with merely a Word document and he turned my very extensive text into an attractive and functional website."

- Peter Risdon

"Brandon was always collaborative, patient, open, creative, upfront and honest. He has great personal and professional integrity and does his best to relect the interests, character and life of the client. He also understands that a website is a narrative, not just some colours and text on the web."

- Tamasin Ramsay

"Brandon exeeded my expectations of what I required. He listened closely to what I wanted and explained clearly how he would build the site with my brand and prospective customers in mind. The final result has not only given me motivation but also something to be proud of."

- Joel Brown

"The website Brandon created for me maintains the integrity of my information while being impressively arranged and illustrated. For me it has been a backbone of motivation, growth, and further inspiration to continue my work. I feel pride in this kind of web presentation."

- Grettal Gantwerger

"Working with Brandon on our company’s website was a joy. Even with the potential frustrations of working with a committee of 5 people, he displayed immense patience, tact and diplomacy. Well done."

- Sam Bayne

"I am thrilled with my redesigned website. It is professional yet fun. I have received alot of positive comments from my clients and it continually generates more business."

- Dr Autumn Drouin

"I originally contacted many other web designers, but all they were interested in doing was quoting me hourly rates and didn’t seem to be interested in my business or what my web needs were. Contrastly, Brandon met me many times, took the pictures for the site, and consulted me every step of the way.

He also designed my business cards, flyers, advertising ads and arranged the printing so I didn’t have to run around myself sorting this. Everything was done in good time too."

- Heather Pope

"Brandon is a very creative and friendly webmaster. He also provides us with excellent aftermarket service."

- Venita Burnaby

"After my initial meeting with Brandon I realised that I had met a webmaster who not only had the knowledge and experience to produce a good website, but he also had the creativitly to put my own ideas to life.

Brandon worked with me to get the website exactly how I had imagined, and the whole project was completed within the timeframe promised.

If you're looking for a great website, prompt communication and all this within a short space of time, Brandon is the person to contact."

- Rebecca Stead

"Brandon was most sympathetic and professional when he helped redesign our old website.

His project-to-project approach meant that we got a website suited to our needs, not the sort of ‘one-size-fits-all’ site that so many other web designers want to provide."

- Charlie Lass

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