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website consulting
web consultingWith over 12 years experience designing and developing websites for individuals and small businesses, I know what works - and what deosn't work - to make a website profitable for you.

Have you had a website up for years that's tired and old? It doesn't serve you anymore and you need a fresh perspective of your website from an experienced professional?

This year (2014) I will be offering up my time to a handful of select clients, for one-on-one consulting about your website. Whether it be in person, via phone/Skype, or even just by email, I will review your business, the objective and purpose of your website, and of course your existing website.

I will then give you my advice on how best to improve your website so that you can profit from it by serving the needs of your customers/clients (the ones who are actually going to use your website).

Please contact me directly to further discuss.

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